Start Your Week Off Right: A Round-Up

Deities & Demons is a Tumblog that seems to have directed a lot of people here because of this one particular post. Looking through it, I’m really impressed with the images gathered. Here are some other posts from it I had to “heart”:
Zeus’ Eagle & Ganymedes
Venditti’s Mercury
STERN, DISAPPROVING ZEUS! (one of the most unintentionally hilarious images to me)
Tailtiu (reminds me of Demetre)

Sannion’s recent posts about Bast and Her festival made my discovery of Louis Wain, by way of (The Mystic Knights of) Oingo Boingo (long story, in short: Thank the Gods for Wikipedia), and the Catland gallery is indispensable.

Which reminded me of this:

I haven’t actually read this, but my house-mate sent it to me over IM whilst he was suppossedly working:
[06:46] ScottM: “Flexing his mighty muscles above his head, Hercules roared a mighty roar, and his three mighty penises screamed like banshees.”
[06:46] youngsoulrebel: o_O

And while I’m on the topic of things most people probably shouldn’t read at work, I got caught up on Oglaf this week.

Here’s something unusually political from me: 6 Things You Need to Know About the Komen Foundation / Planned Parenthood Controversy

Whether you’re in favour of a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion, whether you believe or not that it is morally ethical to abort a foetus to save a woman’s life, the facts abouyt the Komen Foundation also include their history of systematically preventing low-income women to access breast cancer treatment:

While some of what Komen has done is undoubtedly beneficial, it is an organization that has been in trouble for corporate ties and lack of concern for health issues for a long time. In a Daily Kos diary, user Betty Pinson has an explosive account of her own research into Komen. Her journey began with a rude awakening when she called a local politician to advocate for a cancer treatment funding program for low-income women–and discovered that Komen was lobbying against it.

Furthermore, the “rule / bylaw” that Komen Foundation is citing as their “totally non-political” reason for pulling Planned Parenthood funding (after the grants runs out), well, there is no shortage of bloggers who’ve found other groups and organisations still receiving Komen Foundation funding, yet are also under federal investigation. Yet Planned Parenthood is the ONLY group being de-funded.

Also check out Think Before You Pink. Oh, and here’s a petition to sign.

I demand some-one make me a poster of this.

Unrelated, but also uncharacteristically political for me, Ron Paul Exposed as White Supremacist by Anonymous. In the words of my humanoid meat-based house-mate: “Yup. Paul is looking more like the crazy old uncle every day.”

Here’s a blog post and some “totes NSFW” photos from Dr Susan Block’s Eros Day XIII (Observed) celebration.

New book and website re-vamping from Dver at A Forest Door (the only blog I read for which I have to enlarge the text for in my browser, by the way).

I’ve also been playing around with the latest version of RockMelt, aka “Google Chrome plus Teh FaceBorg”. This is seriously the only reason I’ve kept up with Tumblr recently. Had to delete it. After the first day, it quickly proved to be the slowest and most crash-happy browser I’d ever met. Kill it with fire.

I found my copy of Lover’s Legends Unbound! I also encourage you all to get a copy, or perhaps the CD-less version.


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