New Year’s Resolutions

Post more!
Yeah, that should be obvious… Moving along now….

Make some clothes.
My philosophical calling is that of a dandy, an aesthete, and I’m very hard to fit, being short and stocky. I have a 21″ inside leg, and my shoes are a UK5½ (or USM6wide). Making shoes is not one of my goals, but making at least two suits is a goal I’ve set for this year —one summer, one winter. It’s been a while since I’ve sewed, and my machine is currently in repair, but the only reason it’s in repair is cos it jammed up when I attempted to mend some curtains to test it (the repair shop assured me that the jam was not my fault, but cos the machine had probably gone years without a tune-up) — I’m impressed with how much I remembered, so even if I don’t end up finishing a full two suits, I’ll be further along than some-one who’s never done this before.

Improve my physical state.
I’m grateful every day that, unlike two of my sisters, I’m not so fat I cannot breathe properly, nor have I ever been, but I could stand to look better, and as an aesthete, I’m expected to. There’s a gym in fair walking distance from me, and it doesn’t require signing a contract to use their facilities; it’s inexpensive and if I’m dreadfully broke, I can skip a month.

I really have no excuses at this point.

Resume work on the garden.
Hopefully taking a little exercise will improve my abilities to do more in the garden, but I’m not expecting miracles, as it was likely my crooked spine (and not any fat bastard-related aches and paints) that kept me from doing too much in 2011.

Continue to celebrate love, life, beauty…
…in all forms.


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