Fund-raising goal met!


So, who would have thought that a couple sentences at the bottom of a net.friend’s blog post could save my day? And in less than thirty-six hours, if timestamps are to be believed. Thank you so much for this. There’s no greater feeling than being comfortable in one’s own skin, and I’m so grateful that there are people in this community who realise this sort of prosthetic for trans men is no more a toy than glasses are for those with poor vision.

Again, I extend a sincere and hearty THANK YOU to those who donated. I’m brainstorming on how best to use the difference —I’m hoping to at least get a fire pit this year, so I’ll probably set it aside toward that.

As always, my Etsy buttons are up, and I’m willing to arrange a tea or coffee reading via Skype, and I’ll probably make another donations call for Kardia tou Thespiai when it gets closer to planting season.


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