Oh, whatever, I’m saying it

OK, I’ve been holding back this rant for a while now, and I finally decided that I have to say something.

So, OK, I get some really weird comments from people who read this blog and my other Eros projects sometimes. Thankfully, I get very little criticism, but that which I do get is usually along the lines of “no, you see, Eros talks to ME” and with a heavy implication of “sugar, you’re so wrong.” You know, cos an ancient deity Who’s essentially a polar opposite of Erisand is often compared, even in this very blog, to “a saner Dionysos” is somehow going to say exactly the same thing to everybody, and so-and-so isn’t just being a busy-body who wants to feel superior to others, no matter how subjective the experience.

Unfortunately somebody finally decided to stop implying it (NSFW, by the way, and don’t say I never warned you). I don’t know this guy from Pandora, frankly, and I don’t care, but you know, when a blog is titled How I See Eros, I’ve come right out and said this is a subjective thing. This may not be some-one else’s reality, and they’re welcome to the reality Eros has given them, hell, I imagine that they’re welcome to blog it, as well — I’m not stopping anybody here.

Of course, I also realise that some of my friends, who admittedly lack a relationship with Eros, also admit that they don’t get why I reblogged that image, either, and frankly, I think that the image is all the reason I need. I could write some flowery prose that comes close to explaining it, but I’ve meditated on this and my instincts were correct, and it really needs no explanation beyond the image itself, anything else would just make a half-hearted attempt to explain what I already know, but maybe give some people the illusion of understanding, which *could* just make it worse for them, or it would just ruin it for everybody. I don’t need everybody to “get it” to know that I “get it”, and I hope others who have a relationship with Eros don’t feel they need my approval for every little thing which, like this, might just seem out of left field.

….and believe me when I say that I honestly *struggled* with posting that. I knew from the beginning that there were going to be people who honestly didn’t “get it” and might not ever. But I also knew from the beginning that I saw the hand of Eros in that photo, the often polarising, always playful deity Who took Psykhe to a crystal palace in the clouds, Who has the powers to make Ares and Apollon lose themselves and look absolutely ridiculous, and Who Empedocles described as Eris’ equal in attraction and repulsion. If I say any more, I’ll ruin it.

I’m not here to judge any-one else and their experiences, but at the same time, I also suspect that maybe people just aren’t meditating on others’ experiences with the same deity that might lead one to question one’s own experiences, and so they say ridiculous things that basically attempt to amount to “I know better than you, ha ha!” I don’t presume to know better, but I know what I know, and I hope to share what I can to better understand what I know as well as help others in their journeys. I never once said my way was the only way to know and see Eros, but it is my way, and that’s all I can really share, isn’t it? All I ever asked for was the same kindness and courtesy from others.


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