Dionysia at my place

Party date: Friday, 20 January 2012
time: 7.30pm – whenever
dress: Smart casual or Informal, masks optional
menu: Mezze (provided — but you’re more than welcome to bring something, provided you confirm ahead of time)
drinks: wine, hot cider, ouzo, and soft drinks provided; beer and cocktails are BYOB
additional info: No children, house shared with three cats (allergy warning); parking info still being worked out. Invitees please include your number of guests with RSVP (max 3 guests per party — singles are afforded up to three guests, couples are afforded up to three guests)
RSVP by: 6 January 2012

Amongst my friends, I’m kind of known for planning parties “too far” in advance, but that’s not a bad thing, cos everybody who attends has a great time, and loves the food (even though sometimes my food themes can be very very wrong).

So, I was hoping to host a Boeotian New Year party at my place this December — until I re-checked this year’s calendar and was reminded that this year’s Boeotian New Year is just days before the Gregorian new year, and so this doesn’t make good party sense, since it’ll essentially be competing with other parties by people who’ve lived in the area longer than I have. So I immediately scrapped that idea for the Rural/Lesser Dionysia.

If you’re on FaceBook and local to me (or at least willing to drive to Lansing, MI), feel free to friend me for an invite — and message me, mentioning this post so that I know you’re not just another Friend Collector looking for the latest trading card.

I’m planning a table of fruits, punch, and finger-foods, wine, plenty of good music, silent cinema on the telly, and plenty of art around the place. An hour prior to party time, I’m also planning a libation to Dionysos, so that my non-HP friends will have plenty of time to avoid ritual they have no need for.

I’m going to stop taking RSVPs after 6 January 2012, so that I have plenty of time to make sure I have everything I need.


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