Potential garden income?

There’s a pagan/new age bookstore in Lansing that hosts live readers, mostly tarot, but if I can set something up, I’d be the only tea & coffee reader.

It looks, though, like I’d need to supply my own heat source for brewing, and when I do this at home, I usually just boil it on the stove — which is far from portable. It looks like I can get a portable single electric range burner for about $25; not unreasonable, but not really workable right now, as the commune is still plagued by financial dramas (mostly the house-mate’s). I also really should get a new tea pot, since I imagine more people will be receptive to loose-leaf tea readings than Greek coffee — I can heat the water in anything, but steeping loose-leaf in a pot rather than the teacup is best.

If anybody can add something to the Tip Jar for a donation, ‘twould be much appreciated.


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