Upcoming blogging project

Well, Internets, the bones have been cast, and this is my next project: For each week, until I run out of deities, I’m going to go through Theoi Project and write up a minimum of 2-3 posts a week about a different god. I’m giving myself such a small goal to aim for so that I don’t get burnt out so fast, and to give myself just enough of a challenge to my own borderline henotheism. And also cos, since it’s been raining off-and-on (and unpredictably so) lately, amongst other reasons I haven’t done much in the garden lately, but I’ve had a bug up my arse to further beautify my surroundings, so I figure 2-3 posts a week will help me keep to that commitment, while also still giving myself plenty of time to make my room look awesomer. On enthusiastic weeks, I’m sure you could expect more than just written pieces, as well. 🙂

Though, I want to give myself a warm-up this week and rant a little about everybody’s favourite Boeotian writers, Hesiod and Pindar.

Also: “Kharis soi” in advance to Kayleigh, for the Hesiod convo some weeks ago, and the painting it inspired. Still need to find my watercolours to finish it, but I think I’ve determined which box they still lurk within.


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