Busy couple days for Hellenistai Project

The last couple days have been busy for the Hellenistai Projects.

In a nutshell, I’ve been really stressed out about a lot of things I don’t really need to elaborate on right now, and so that’s a primary reason I’ve been neglecting Wiki maintenance. I feel awful for letting it get to that state, but when I’m in a state where I can’t concentrate on cleaning out spambot pages and building real pages, I can’t force myself to do it.

Thankfully, a few days ago, I was feeling up to it — oddly, this was after maybe four hours of regularly-interrupted sleep on account of heat and nightmares of the wake-up-screaming variety, so difficulties in sleeping them further complicated when one of my cats decided that she was going to cuddle me to sleep — which is only adorable in retrospect, or when she’s not doing it to you, personally. Unfortunately, due to the lack of sleep and other things, things that won’t do themselves, I barely got 750+ spam-pages deleted in twenty hours — and there was still ~1500 left to go. Thankfully, my friend Jessi was up and apparently had nothing better to do, so after promoting her login on the Wiki, all spam got deleted in the 9-ish hours I spent in bed (and free of nightmares).

The reason the spam keeps coming is in part cos while I understand, in theory, how to install Mediawiki plugins, I can never make them work. I follow the directions on how to do it, and nothing ever happens — good or bad — so while I’m clearly doing something wrong, it’s not so wrong it borks up the whole site functionality. I’m about ready to see if there’s a WordPress plugin that will basically make a wiki built right into the site, and allow me to import the pages from the Mediawiki-based one.

I really feel like I should pay Jessi something for doing all that, but I had fifteen dollars until the end of the month, and I won’t know immediately after I get paid again what I’ll have left for August.

Then there’s the forum.

I undated the phpBB software that the forum runs on a few weeks ago, and I knew since the day after that at least one person couldn’t properly log in. I still have no idea what went wrong. I also learned a few days ago that the registration question, my best line of defense against spam-bots on the forum, suddenly was no longer visible, but it still had the text box and expected an answer. After I reset the registration human-check to a “captcha” image, back come the spam-bots, and seemingly with vengance, so I disabled new user registrations and installed a WordPress forum plugin, so that at least there will be a forum that works. I’m going to lock the threads on the old forum by Thursday, and I’m updating my own links.


2 thoughts on “Busy couple days for Hellenistai Project

  1. Again, no need for payment–it kept me busy for a day–I’d gotten into a state of ennui due to being unemployed & out of school for the last 2 months. It stimulated my mind in a weird way.

    Once I get into a routine at my new job, I’ll be active on it again.


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