The United $tates os not a Christian Nation

The Apotheosis of George Washington is painted inside the eye of the rotunda of the Capitol building in Washington D.C.

Present, we see Athene, Poseidon, Hermes, Hephaistos, and Demeter on the outer ring, and in the centre, beside Washington is Columbia.

And see quotes I’ve placed here.


3 thoughts on “The United $tates os not a Christian Nation

  1. Here in Brazil there’s a permanent flame in our independence monument… if I had a car, I will take fire there to bring fire home to Hestia.


    • I don’t personally honour Columbia, and while I definitely see issue with the manner and some of the people who “revealed” Her image as a goddess (though the first instance of regarding Her as a goddess, poetically, was nearly a century prior to her first appearances in paintings, by the educated slave/poet Phillis Wheatley), that doesn’t make Her existence as a tutelary goddess of Amerikans any less real or any more a “mere thought-form”. As far as I’m concerned, She’s just another one of many deities revealed in the same manner as the Greco-Roman mega-pantheon that I don’t personally honour.


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