All’s well that ends well….

I’m nearing the end of that “30 days” meme, and while a few essays aren’t really all they could be, I’m generally really happy with how it looks. In fact, the only thing I’m unhappy with is that people don’t comment more, but there’s only just so much control that I have over that.

Also, because of a very recent influx of Spam at the “Ask me…” page on How I See Eros, I’ve disabled Anonymous questions.

Lastly, after the end of the meme, I’m going to stop cross-posting to my DreamWidth diary (as well as the LJ-hosted mirror). If you wish to continue seeing those posts on your DreamWidth Reading Page, please add the feed (LJ Feed). My reason is simple: For some reason, DreamWidth won’t accept the image alignment in the img tags, and so it borks up how the post looks on DreamWidth, and I don’t like it. With this becoming an image-heavy blog, I’d like to keep as little borking as possible for the people reading it — and I’ve got feeds set to show a summary, with the full posts on the main site.


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