Why my birthday is amazing and yours is not

22 July is a day of many things — of shoes and ships and ceiling-wax, of cabbages and kings. Here are some amazing facts about my birthday!

*The year I was born (according to HMEPA), 22 July was 7 Hekatombion (Attic calendar) or 7 Ippodromios (Boeotian) — the seventh day of the Lunar month being sacred to Apollon.
*My actual “due date” was ten days previous, on the first day of Hekate’s Deipnon.
^I was born in one of the years that 22 July is in Leo rather than Cancer; both signs have mythology related to Herakles (of note, two of my best friends are Gemini)
*I share a birthday (though a different year) with Rufus Wainright — our forenames both mean “red-haired”, though neither one of us really is (my natural colour is auburn, not ginger).
*Birthday also shared with Oscar de la Renta, Terrance Stamp, Alex Trebek, George Clinton, David Spade.
*If you’re Catholic, this is the feast day of Mary Magdelene; intriguingly, Mary Magdalene is commonly portrayed with red hair.
*This year, is on the 20th day of the Lunar month, also sacred to Apollon.
*By modern tradition, birthstone for July is the ruby, by zodiacal tradition, for Leo it is Onyx.
*Flower for July births is Delphinium Larkspur, the sacred flower of Hyakinthos.


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