Quick Garden Update

Thanks to donations, this last week I picked up a small coconut hanging basket for the porch, a Greek oregano, a rosemary seedling, a new bag of potting soil, a large garden spade, a packet of anemone poppy (wind flower) bulbs, and a packet of hooks for the porch. If a friend follows through on her pledge to donate some more money this coming week, I hope to get a few things for the birds. Also, today, broke one of my shoe and clothing rules and grabbed a pair of Crocs from Big Lots (name brand, even) — but only cos, if the front garden has taught me anything about shoes, it’s that for gardening, you really need something you can hose off — at least I didn’t have to pay full price for them.

Before it started raining this evening, I also dug up some of the wild strawberries in the back and transplanted them to the basket (if only cos I intend to eventually clear out that area to make an unobtrusive parking space for a Stella — and why lose perfectly fine strawberries?).

It’s supposed to thunderstorm again tomorrow, but I still hope to get some digging in for that pond. At this point, I doubt that I’ll be able to complete the pond before the end of summer, but at the very least, I can dig it out and be ready in time for spring again.

Photos will come when flowers happen out front again — or, at least, I can get some more landscaping work in.

Again, donations are always appreciated, and (at least this year) absolutely necessary — as I’ve noted, I need new glasses this summer (though this is mainly my own fault; I got in the bad habit of wiping this pair with a paper towel, assuming that Viva “cloth-like” paper towels would leave my lenses unscratched).

I’ve also written up a draft of garden rules for visitors.


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