Benign blog update

I’ve been playing around with settings and plug-ins, and since I consider this both my “primary” religious and WP-based blog, I figured I’d test some stuff here first.

I’m considering switching commenting services from IntenseDebate to DisqUs — I first saw DisqUs on Patheos, and I really like its aesthetics. Yes, IntenseDebate has the larger “comment community”, but poking around on DisqUs, it has pretty much the same features and a few others I’m brain-farting on — and prefer I said, I like the way it looks. It also looks like switching back to IntenseDebate won’t be a big deal if I decide I preferred that one.

I’ve also disabled Shareaholic Sexy Bookmarks on this blog (and all the rest) in favour of the JetPack’s ShareDaddy — it’s smaller on the pages and essentially uses all the main services as default, and is easy to expand to include more. Let me know if there’s a service you use that isn’t listed — I know Orkut is popular in Brazil, so if enough people are using it, I’ll add it.

I’ve also installed a LJ-based Journal cross-poster plug-in so that my friends who read my web-diary don’t have to subscribe to the feeds for my WP-based blogs — this may end if enough of my friends find it sufficiently annoying.

That’s about it. Let me know how you like the DisqUs system versus IntenseDebate, as this may influence my final feelings on it — after all, I blog publicly for the interactions of others.

zomgz pretty background!


4 thoughts on “Benign blog update

  1. Here in Brazil we (at least most of us) don’t use Orkut anymore as we used to do before. People are only leaving their profiles there and getting more active in Facebook.


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