Tea Reading / Hydroscrying

To help raise money for the garden, I’m going to start offering tea readings and waterbowl scrying for people. In the past, I’ve done this only for myself and friends.

I’m keeping the exchange as an open donation so that people can pay me whatever they feel it’s worth (also why I’m not adding this to the “Perks” on the IndieGoGo fundraising page). While I’m not picky, please keep it to a dollar or more.

I’ve decided that the best way for me to do this is to leave a “Donations” button open, you enter in the amount and then in the “Note” section, enter your question — the God I divine with is Apollon — and whether you have a preference for tea leaves or hydroscrying. Be sure to let me know if you want me to e-mail you back to e-mail you what I see, or if you’d like a live speakerphone read (US and Canada only — please include your phone number and a good time to call for your timezone; my current webcam is old and shitty and freezes a lot on Skype, if I can get a better one, I’ll offer live worldwide Skype reads). I prefer doing coffee readings to tea, but I’ve not yet found a good place in town to get coffee that I like, and thankfully I still have a lot of the tea that I like.

For now, this is all I’m offering. I’m not comfortable enough with the Hellenic alphabet divination, and I haven’t yet found a new pendulum that I like (I’m painting my own dowsing board), but in the future, those will be options. But hey! Wine sediments were read in ancient times (the grand-father of coffee and tea readings), and Plutarch used just a bowl of water — this will make your divination Double-Plus Hellenismos. LAWL.

Please keep in mind that scrying (be it water or tea) involves a lot of interpretations of imagery; I will do my best to describe the images as accurately as I can and interpret them in ways I feel the Gods have best intended. I will tell you what I feel these images mean and what I know them to symbolise, but since this will be a reading for you, certain images may be best interpreted by you (thus why I will try to be as accurate as possible). Sometimes I get little flashes of jumbled symbols that I bring together in the reading, sometimes whole scenes are apparent.


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