If I don’t blog, the fluff-bunnies win….

In a nutshell, life is insane around here lately, and my humanoid meat-based flat-mate1 and I will be moving to Lansing, Michigan, in January. (I know it’s terribly un-trendy, but as my friends will tell you, in my much-older-than-I-look age, I’ve adopted an admiration of the “golden age” celebrities who kept their personal lives either as private or as discrete as possible and it was gauche to talk more about the life than the calling.) As a result, I’ve let my blogs lag, but my latest public Eros project is How I See Eros, on Tumblr. It’s mostly an image project, as you can see, but I do mix it up with links, quotes, and video. The reason I’ve been updating this, aside from it’s low-thinking focus2, is mostly that Tumblr has a highly addicting posting queue, which I’ve set to automatically update four times a day, between 4am and 4pm, and I add to the queue twice a week, and I started the queue with the first week’s worth of posts already loaded.

That said, once things calm down a bit more, I’ll be back to updating everything I do more regularly.

1: No, really, not my lover. We sleep in separate rooms, for starters….
2: Please note that my own thinkings of Eros are actually the opposite of “low”, lately.


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