It’s about that time again….

Working on next year’s New Boeotian Calendar. Also brainstorming for ideas for a 2012 BIG calendar that has blackjack and hookers photos, and maybe makes use of a calendar service to be all glossy and shit. Seriously, what to photograph? If I had a sexy boyfriend, I’d just make him a perizoma and take him to the Classical Revival park shelter downtown (OK, technically “hospital area”, but you know what? I used to live near Washtenaw and South U., the hospital is “downtown” to me).

…and now that idea has distracted me. If you’d like to be my sexy boyfriend, or just model for a twink-cake calendar, that’ll work, too.

Also, it’s about the time to get the most out of your annual membership dues for new people looking to join Hellenion. Alexandra Bond posted the photos some-one sent her of their membership packet, but really, helping the only U$-recognised tax-exempt exclusively Hellenic polytheist group pay their bills was reason enough for me to join up in 2007.


One thought on “It’s about that time again….

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! This is the perfect time to join up, as we're holding the Annual General Meeting (AGM) right….now!


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