Pagan Friday Five

1) What does “desecration” mean to you?
“To divert from sacred to profane”. Of course, if I got in a huff over how frequently people in this Abrahamic society desecrated even the basic mythology of ancient polytheists (not just Hellenic mythology) as “just stories” that they can re-tell for their own purposes, or desecrate ancient philosophies (even those I disagree with) into something pseudo-Christian, I’d give myself a heart-attack. If the gods see fit to punish the misdeeds of others, through me, I’d be called to do that, and I’m not. I have my opinions on things, and that’s about it.

2) If you could teach Christians one thing about your religion, what would it be?
That we invented everything, including many of the “Christian ideals” they hold dear.

3) Do you like public pagan events like Pagan Pride Day?
I like the idea of such events, but I don’t go either through lack of money or lack of transportation.

4) What tv shows or movies with themes related to your religion do you like?
I have this bad habit of liking the films that most other Hellenists hate. I enjoyed 300, I liked Troy in spite of the apparent “removal of the gods”, I’ve been chastised on the forum I’m in charge of for defending Alexander (though this may be because I’ve only seen the final “Alexander Revisited” cut). I’m not going to dig my hole any deeper.

5) Is the autumn equinox relevant to your religion?
Not as relevant as it is to others. I observe the seasons changing, but there are bigger festivals.


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