Pagan Friday Five

1) Do you believe in the concept of “sin?”
I don’t believe “armatia”, in the ancient, polytheistic context is on the same level as the Christian concept of “sin”, even if a few modern Hellenic polytheists translate it that way. “Armatia” is often defined as “missing the mark”, not “transgression of Divine law”. “Hubris” is “excessive pride in one’s abilities [typically claiming one’s skills exceed that of a Deity] and [in Attic law] shaming another publicly”, not “transgression of Divine law” (further on hubris, cites an ancient definition of <a href="“presumption toward the Gods”, again, not the same thing as “transgression of Divine law”).

2) What non-pagan person influenced your religious identity?
Derek Jarman

3) How do you keep religion an active part of your daily life?
I do.

4) Who knows you’re pagan, and who doesn’t?
Most of my friends know explicitly. I can’t think of anybody off the top of my head who’s an important part of my life and doesn’t know.

5) When did you first identify as Pagan?
Age twelve, though from ages 18-22, I was all “I’m spooky, hail Satan”.


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