How would I describe Eros

Think of what an urban Dionysos might be like, but with a couple extra points on his Sanity roll.

Think of the taste of milk chocolate and amaretto and give it the sound of a love song by Richard Hell.

Your favourite 60s garage-punk anthem sung by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue.

“Love Is Blue”, vocal version, in the original French — and the feeling of knowing that there’s a vocal version.

A lap warmed by a kitty and a mouth cooled by mint cigarettes.

Ouzo cake.

The original cover of Diamond Dogs held up by the tiny feet of Australian diamond doves.

The first time you ever made love and the first time you had some good ol’ dirty fucking — re-lived simultaneously, over and over.

Feeling a chill when the sun is out, and high heat after it has set.

A lover’s nibbles on your ear hours after you’ve parted for the day.

Many birds are naturally Erotic, the males are lush and wildly colourful, and the females seem almost drab. Many others are serial monogamists, a few even mate for life. Some are even renowned for their same-sex pairings (despite the Abrahamic mythos that it’s “so unnatural even the birds and beasts won’t dare”). Most are extremely social. He’s like a bird.


2 thoughts on “How would I describe Eros

  1. This was wonderful! I loved getting a glimpse of how you see Eros; your vision is beautiful, compelling, novel and so very important. So many people only know him as the pudgy little cherub at the feet of his mother – but this is the true god.


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