I’m still here

Believe me when I say that I realise how long it’s been since I last updated this here. I have no real excuse, and the only explanation I have is the fact that more-or-less since I last updated, I’d had this long stretch of time where when I wasn’t having a spiritual slump, everything was very hectic and / or busy.

As most of you probably know, I’ve also been busy with the reasonably new Hellenistai Wiki Project, and so far it’s looking awesome and amazing, and, as expected, this is probably the page I’m currently proudest of, and as with all good Wiki pages, it’ll never be finished.

Another thing on my mind is my little potted miniature rosebush. First off, these roses were half dead when I bought them and, in fact, I ended up having to prune away a significant portion of the branches within the first two or three months I had it — and I’ve had it a year, I want to say this October. Before I left for the annual Mod Chicago weekender in June, maybe a third of the leaves and branches had turned yellow and withered, but none of the really substantial branches, right? I paid this little mind at first, but by the time I arrived back home, my flat-mate was pretty concerned about it, and honestly, not without reason. Still, I paid it not much mind. The twentieth and twenty-first of this month was the Adonia, and within a day after, I noticed buds starting to open up on it again.


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