I give thanks to Pan
God of the wild things
Of the forests and the streets
And to His companion Kybele
To whom Theban women sing
Mother of Earthly life

A couple of weeks ago, my room-mate’s cat was diagnosed with cancer (well, sort of; there was no biopsy, but the vet said that’s probably that that mass on his liver is), and so this last couple weeks, he’s been on a steroid chemo, if only just to make his last projected year easier on him and in less pain. The cat in question is fifteen, which is a pretty old age for a cat (think of the human equivalent being 80 or so), so it’s not like it would be totally terrible if he really did only have one more year — and this is also the cat who tackles the vacuum cleaner hose attachment, so whatever gods of animals must be smiling upon him for battling the enemy of all house-pets so bravely, a slightly shortened life would be a small price to pay for a seat in Cat-Halla.

So far, it seems that his health has progressed wonderfully, as he’s been putting up a bit of a struggle with taking his pill this last few days, and my room-mate even thinks the cat has put a little weight back on.


3 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. I pray that Bast extends Her grace to him, both now and in whatever comes after. Two of our cats are also 15, and one experienced recent severe weight loss due to thyroid problems; we've found that supplementing her diet with a daily snack or two of kitten food has helped her regain much of that weight..

    Also, there's a wonderful product called Feline Greenies Pill Pockets – soft little cat-treat cups (beef or fish flavored) that you can wrap around the pill, and they snarf it right down.


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