Eros Exhibition in Athens

Now through 5 April 2010, at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens is a seemingly huge Eros exhibit. Moments like this make me want a visit from the money fairy.

The site for the exhibition has plenty of information on Eros, including epithets and lots of art (though, I’m sure, a pretty far cry from all in the exhibit).

I still have other things to read that I’ll be posting before the new year.


5 thoughts on “Eros Exhibition in Athens

  1. This is phenomenal.

    In looking through this site, I came across the section on Eros & Psyche under the Qualities and activities of Eros, and that story is definitely not the one that most people have heard of.

    What is your opinion on the true nature of Eros/Psyche?


    • I apologise for neglecting this comment (and this entire blog) for so long.

      Honestly, I'm not a fan of Diotima's concept of Eros. It's not the Eros that I have come to know.


      • Not a problem at all. I had completely forgotten I'd ever posted this 🙂 I had to go back to the site to see what I was even talking about.

        I agree with you, though. Whatever entity is described as the child of Resource and Poverty is nothing like the one that I follow.

        I hope you'll come back and visit here from time to time, it's interesting to see and compare how Eros appears and interacts in your life versus how he does in mine. Not polar opposites, just different.


        • Well, with life back at a steady pace now, I'm back to blogging regularly again — let's hope it continues on this path. I've already forgotten, do you blog as well? I'd love to "compare notes", as it were. 🙂


  2. I'm not too regular with my posting, but I have a tumblr. (linked by my name) I include things relating to Eros, Aphrodite, Persephone, my writing, and whatever else appeals to me at the time.

    I'm trying to get a little better about updating something with substance at least once a week 😀


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