Because, sometimes, situational depression is funny:

[19:41] Ruadhán: Well, no suicide for today, either. In fact, it looks like I’m good for the rest of the week.
[19:42] Renee: Hey…I’m sorry I wasn’t much of a conversationalist yesterday…I was in some pain and not much good. But I’m glad to hear you’re not going to kill yourself.
[19:42] Renee: I was worried about you after you signed off, and relieved to see you’d posted to twitter in the middle of the night
[19:43] Ruadhán: It was funny — last night, I decided to take it up with The Magic 8-Ball:

“Should I kill myself?”
Yes. Definitely.
o_O “OK… best two out of three… Should I kill myself?”
Yes. Definitely.
O_o “OK…. Are there powerful Gods out there hoping my response to the 8-Ball would be contrarian in nature?”
Yes. Definitely.

[19:44] Renee: wow
[19:44] Ruadhán: Yes, when they make a film about my life, that scene is staying in.
[19:45] Renee: 🙂
[19:46] Ruadhán: Furthermore, how embarrassing would it be if people somehow found out that I had killed myself on the grounds that *The Magic 8-Ball* said I should? My ego just couldn’t deal with it.
[19:46] Renee: that would be quite embarrassing
[19:48] Ruadhán: I know! I mean, OK, if the entrails say so, well, that’s different — there’s a whole ritual involved for that. On the other hand, a magic 8-ball costs $6 at K-Mart and even a four-year-old has the arm-strength to operate it.
[19:48] Renee: LOL

And I decided to post with this today because I’ve been watching a lot of ROME and figured that this kind of post would be a nice way to show that, yes, there are still people even today who honestly believe that the Theoi are a part of even such every-day things.


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