New Boeotian festival calendar

link to PDF — right-click –> save as for Windows; double-click — > save as for Mac

An eighteen month calendar. I’ll probably come back to this every few months with a new one for the next eighteen months (cos I may be lazy, but I’m easily entertained by nerdology), or at least whenever I can unearth an update to festival dates, etc… I’m still considering this project a “constant work in progress”, so expect periodic tweaks for pretty much any conceivable reason.

And who knows? Maybe next year, I’ll make a fancy version for sale.

Also, if you download it, I’m not going to expect anything (but I can still see how many times this has been downloaded), but gee, it sure would be nice if you could take a look at the downloaded document, think about what this work is worth to you, and then mosey on over back here and go to the sidebar and scroll down to the Tip Jar.


3 thoughts on “New Boeotian festival calendar

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    • I'm sorry for neglecting your comment (and this entire blog) for so long.

      The good news for fans of the calendar is that I'll definitely create an updated version for 2011 (of the Gregorian calendar), and I'm hoping that by 2012, I'll be able to release a "hard copy" version through Lulu's calendar service. Lulu's prices are a little high, but they produce a good calendar; so far it looks like the sale price will be $15.


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