Please, Hellenion….

Please let everything I’ve been reading this last week be a sign of welcomed (and much needed) progress.


8 thoughts on “Please, Hellenion….

    • Hellenion's back-story is shrouded in a muddy veil of trannies, clairvoyants, and good ol'-fashioned Greek drama, and about half of it is still a mystery to me.

      As I said in my previous post, though, just so I don't offend anybody I want to stay in good standing with (such as Zoe and Alexandra, who are awesome), I'm keeping intentionally vague about the details. Long story short, though, the annual general meeting (AGM) is still going on (as best as I can tell, at least), and what I've seen so far seems like things might be headed in a promising direction. Alexandra and Zoe have busted their keisters this last year to make the only note-worthy progress (no matter how small), in the last three years I've been a member — at least that I've noticed.

      There still seem to be some things that will need to be ironed out in the next few months, and elections for the Hellenion governing body still need to be formalised, but so far, I'm liking what I see — and what I see is the gestation of the Hellenion I hoped to see. I recommend people becoming a part of this, if they want to.


      • Not really asking anybody to do anything — as I said, I'm only at liberty to say so much. What's important is that there are good dedicated people willing to breathe life into an organisation that seemed rather directionless for a few years — the changes will be made public as they happen, but until then, it's uncouth to say too much publicly.

        If you want to hold off on joining until some changes have actually been made, well, that'll work, too. ^_^


        • Ruadhan – Thank you for your sensitivity about making potential changes public. 🙂

          Kullervo – A big part of the issue is that there are potential and proposed changes either being discussed, or will be discussed, by governing bodies of Hellenion. If I made my proposals public, for example, that might >put undue pressure< on the Prutaneis or Boule to make those changes happen. I don't want to do that and work outside of the process in place, but rather to let the process run its course. Therefore, when and if proposals are approved, then they will become public.

          I will say that my general aims are to make it easier and more worthwhile to be a member of Hellenion.

          That includes making the application and renewal process easier, faster, more efficient, and practical. It includes making Hellenion more visible in the greater community. It includes promoting the foundation of more local demoi an proto-demoi. It includes generating more articles (particularly ones on how to practice the religion in a practical manner in the modern day), art, hymns, etc. to flesh out Hellenismos. It includes making the process to change things more accessible and responsive to members. It includes promoting accountability to the membership by the governing bodies. It includes encouraging members to become clergy, and supporting their growth. It includes a greater emphasis on community, rather than running a corporation.

          Right now, I would love to hear more about why former members left, or what has made people reluctant to join, so that we can improve the community of Hellenion regardless of whether they do join or rejoin (of course, they are move than invited)! Please feel free to welcome me at


    • I was a member about 6 years ago and left after a year feeling VERY unsatisfied. I have hoped Hellenion would make progress and turn itself around (there was always talk, but nothing ever really happened). Please do keep the public aware of the happenings as they come along–you may regain members.


      • I admit, if Zoe hadn't approved my hardship waiver last year, I probably would have dropped out cos, at the time, i hadn't seen a whole lot of reason to stick around and $10 was really a lot to me last September (it still is, for a lot of reasons, but i might be able to scrape something together this year — if not, guess I'll try for a hardship waiver or a sponsor again this year; guh!)

        Things are going to pick back up. It's obviously not going to happen overnight, but it seems obvious to a lot of members that things are going to happen rather than just talked about — or at least, I'm pretty sure they will because I've actually seen stuff happen in this last year that didn't happen in the previous two. Small things, yes, but small changes are more proof than no changes. ^_^


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