In the works

I downloaded a lunar calendar template from Sarah Kate Winter earlier today, and have been working most of the day on piecing together a mostly-Boeotian festival calendar — I’ve marked things that aren’t, but that I still celebrate, anyway, and have even included some of the more personal days, like the anniversary of my father’s death (the Nekysia), and other things of especial personal importance.

When I’m done with this, I’ll go back and take out all the personal things and save it (along with a brief sheet explaining what things are, and my justifications for adding some festival or another, and where in Boeotia some festivals originated) as a .PDF.

Now, I have a book signing next week, and so I’m still kind of busy with the last-minute preparations I have for that, but I should have it “done” by the end of August.

Of course, just so that anybody interested in using this along with me knows, I consider this calendar project essentially on-going, and may make updates to things as I learn more. Also, a lot more is known about the Attic festival calendar than the Boeotian, so some dates (and I will explain which ones in the accompanied letter) may shift wildly with the next update as I learn more due to the fact that both I felt this festival is significant enough to continue the tradition and because I had to hypothesise when in the year things may have occurred — or with at least one festival, I simply settled on the date for a near-identical Attic festival.


3 thoughts on “In the works

  1. hmm, I tried posting a comment earlier . . .

    I'm working on the NA calendar now, and can probably map out the Boeotian calendar if need be. Drop me a note and we can talk.


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