Condom & Lube ritual for Eros

I have a bowl of condoms I keep by my bed, and three different kinds of lube. When I refresh the bowl or replace a bottle, I have a small ritual to Eros.

*wash hands and face from khernips bowl
*light a candle
*light incense (for Eros, i like a stick of sandalwood and a stick of vanilla)
*my hymn to Eros
*a small prayer for blessing as a sprinkle spring water from khernips
*wave bowl and/or bottle(s) through the smoke

…my rituals for Eros use tea lights and I prefer to just let them burn out rather than extinguishing them with a snuffer, but the reasons I have for that are between Eros and myself. The ritual, though, pretty much anybody can use — I imagine Aphrodite might appreciate similar, even.


One thought on “Condom & Lube ritual for Eros

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