Chat review and New Forum!

First things first:
The chat on March 31/April 1 went swimmingly. A handful of people showed up, and I was very pleased. Main topic of discussion turned out being the creation of a stronger face for the greater Hellenic community on-line, which brings me to topic #2:

I have created a new forum for Hellenistai! There are a small number of people already signed up and a few “starter threads” in a butt-load of topics. Come sign up and enjoy.

I’m also working on a “main site” to compliment the forum. This will concentrate pretty much just on media reviews for Hellenistai and with Hellenists in mind. I’m still working out the look and feel of that one, but I’m also more than willing to have other people writing articles for that site, as well. Feel free to contact me ( if you have ideas — I’m not going to expect individual media reviewers to submit more than one or two things a month, and I may be interested in other regular columns or articles. Again, I’m still in the brainstorming phase here, so feel free to contact me.

The Chat room should also be assumed “open 24-7”, but scheduled chats will be announced with a minimum 48-hour notice.


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