Eros & Psykhe statue on eBay

link: Eros & Psyche Forgiven Santini statue

$99. Free shipping.

I think I need this more than the last statue I wanted to get.

This would look excellent as a part of my shrine.

I’m kind of debating whether or not I should paint my blank statuary. On one hand, I rather like the look some painted statuary has (some other paint jobs, honestly, I think looks rather tacky), but on the other, I like the sometimes simple, almost Modernist beauty of the blank white alabaster or resins that my table-top statues tend to be. If I ever found a statue that I liked better (which happened at least once already, with my Hermaphroditos statue to the left on the shrine, it’s a replacement of one that didn’t “match” Narkissos on the right), I can sell a blank statue more easily — unless, of course, this novel makes me famous, and my hand-painted things end up fetching “one-of-a-kind” prices or some shite. Pretty much only another Hellenistos would buy a statue painted an amateur, and only a well-painted statue.

Tough decision, indeed.

When I make little crafty things for shrines, I definitely believe that I put quite a bit of “my own energy” into the work, that the Theoi can feel the love and devotion, and maybe even guide my hands as I work. Still, it’s a tough decision to paint a statue or not.


2 thoughts on “Eros & Psykhe statue on eBay

  1. *nods* I have a New Agey Gnostic friend who claims that my God-sticks are imbued with spiritual energy from the concepts behind the deities. I will concede that they are numinous, which makes them good foci.

    The statue looks so beautiful unpainted. Classical deities are commonly referred to as the Easy-Livers. At least with the goddesses, their “white arms” are stressed because getting tan is a product of labor (at least, before artificial tanning became popular).

    You could try painting it in Photoshop/Gimp if you get it before making a decision just to see how it would look?


    • I could definitely try that, even with the statues I currently have. Problem is, I’m not very good with photoshop as a “painting” program, so my techniques for colourising things is probably a little more cumbersome than that of skilled persons.

      I’d probably try my hand at actual painting with Narkissos first, if any of them, cos (honestly) His statue cos me just under $30 with shipping and is easily replacable from maybe 10 eBay Shops. Hermaphroditos was $65 after shipping (and I’ve only seen that style for Hi/r once), Dionysos $45, and Hermes $40. If I wind up somehow ruining one of them, it’s going to be the cheap one! LOL!


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