[non-Hellenic] Annie Sprikle & Elizabeth Stephens Love Art Labs

LoveArtLab.org (and AnnieSprinkle.org-asm)

This is an interesting little project that I thought may be of interest to some readers. Annie Sprinkle and her partner in love, life, and art, Elizabeth Stephens, who have each hosted several performance-art pieces and workshops on sex, human sexuality, divine sexuality, and divine femininity, have decided to have a marriage/commitment ceremony each year for seven years and theme each celebration accordingly with the seven major Chakras. I’ve looked through the site a bit more in-depth just now, and figured it would be an interesting and possibly inspirational thing to share with the readers of this blog.

For those unaware (quite possible), Annie Sprinkle is one of the most wonderful women on Gaia’s epidermis; she strikes me as the ultimate devotee of Aphrodite (whether she acknowledges it or not, but that’s just how I like to think of her), in that her life’s work has predominantly revolved around Love, Sex, Peace, and Beauty in All Its Forms. She’s a (former) porn-star, (former) prostitute, (former) wall-paper layer, porn director, performance artist, visual artist, is the first known porn performer to earn her Phd (in Human Sexuality), and was one of the most vocal activists in the Porn & Sex-Positive Feminist movement in the 1980’s, even aiding in the unionisation of sex-workers in San Francisco, California. She’s openly bisexual, full-figured, “feminine”, and very pro-Sex Ed for people of all ages. She’s also in my Top Ten List of People to Meet Before I Die.


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