Urban Pan

Oh, the things that come into my head while I’m taking part in my twice-annual Big Apartment Cleaning:

One of Pan’s domains is Wildness; ergo, it makes perfect sense that there would be Urban qualities of Pan in addition to Rustic characteristics. Large cities are far from ordered panic-free environments, in fact, many Pagan and Polytheists of this modern world choose to escape the cities for the perceived comparative serenity of the countryside. There is chaos and disorder in cities. In “ghettos”, Pan is Lord and His father, Hermes, aides people living on the ends of their wits in Skid Rows. This chaotic element belongs to Pan.

Every person who wanders down a dark street scared is visited by Pan; to avoid pan-ic, one has a choice: One can acknowledge and beg of the guidance and protection from the Urban Theoi, or one can escape to the squeaky-clean, gentrified homogeneity of the suburbs.

Personally, while realising Pan’s presence in the City is relatively recent, in retrospect, I’ve also known He was there. Pan is, generally speaking, associated with the Nymphai; since the Nymphai Poleis are a presence in the cities that I am attuned to, it just makes sense that Pan is there with Them.


5 thoughts on “Urban Pan

  1. Ah yeah, there is, isn’t there?

    Much of the Pan rit and worship I read about lately is very wilderness-centred. I think that the Hellenic Pantheon is, generally speaking, more “rounded” than some modern worshippers could lead an outsider or newb to assume.


  2. when I read the title of this the first thing that came to my mind are the deceptively deserted and “quiet” alleys and backstreets in a city, particularly within the inner city (not really something associate with the suburbs). The inner city is like an iron jungle, it seems like quite an appropriate lurking place for Pan! While at the same time I can envision a fondness he could have for graffiti and having a few laughs at a city park.


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