Dream follow-up

That beautiful young man contacted me in another dream a couple of days ago.  This time, I was falling asleep on the couch in the middle of the day (which is common for me, because I don’t usually sleep very well at night and every few weeks, I’ll have two or three days in a row where I nap periodically throughout the day).  I was only asleep about an hour that day, but I still remember things very vividly. 

This time, I think I was wearing a grey suit (which I don’t currently own, but which looked FAB-u-lous on me) with my white French-cuff shirt with the lavender pin-stripes and my hair had grown some (which I didn’t think much of at the time, and I still don’t, really, because I prefer the way I look with my hair a little longer — but if anybody feels like picking this apart, I’m going to go into detail).  Also keep in mind that I keep my hair white — not “platinum blond” but really white.  My default icon is pretty accurate, though my hair has grown some since Susie did that picture.

He’s the same man, but he’s winged this time — feathery, like a bird’s, and while generally “white”, somehow silvery.

I’m crying for some reason, I can’t exactly tell why, but he scoops me up and wraps himself around me and suddenly, I feel fine, and very warm.  He holds my head to his chest and whispers “I’ve always been here, and I’ve always been with you.  Don’t ever forget that, as so many before you have.”  When I woke up, first I felt like I was going to lose contact with him, then I realised that I can’t.  Also, my “logic” was telling me to find out who exactly this was, but my “gut” it telling me Eros.

Am I supposed to take on a priest role now?  What the hell?  I have no money, an insane fear of leaving the apartment in the winter and absolutely no clue what to do after this, but I have the feeling I’m supposed to be doing something, but what?

Sometimes it’s easiest to just be told what to do.